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Application Procedure

  1. Submit the following documents to the school:
    • Enrollment and medical form. This form may be downloaded, and is also available from the TIS office, and the IRRI HR office.
    • Student’s record of immunizations
    • Student’s birth certificate
    • Student’s passport
    • 1 ID photo
    • Report cards or a narrative from previous schools the student has attended (if available). A letter of introduction from the student’s current homeroom teacher is desirable. Reports and letters from previous schools must be in English or translated and notarized.

All documents will be photocopied and the original will be returned to you. Please do not send originals in the mail - these can be presented at your first visit.

  1. Schedule an admissions meeting with the TIS Principal.  This is not an interview, but a chance to see the school, talk with the Principal and teachers, ask questions and discuss any issues that are specifically relevant to your child.

  1. Discuss the payment schedule with IRRI HR or the TIS Administration Secretary.